Being 62

Being 62

Happy Birthday to Me. It’s Tuesday morning, September 8th, and my 62nd birthday. To celebrate, I did 62 push-ups and ran 6.2 miles (10K) before breakfast. Also, I was doused with a few gallons of cold water thanks to Elder Rogers, which is a missionary tradition on birthdays. A daughter sent a very generous email. Later today, I hope to communicate with other family members on the world opposite Uganda.

As I said my prayers this morning, I was expressing thanks for many things. It turned into a deep feeling of gratitude for my life situation.

  • To be this age with this level of health and fitness.
  • To be at RaNae’s side and have her for my Queen.
  • To be here in Uganda as a representative of Jesus Christ.
  • To know that I belong to Christ’s true Church on the earth and hold authority to minister.
  • To have an amazing family at home, most of whom are living the Gospel and raising their children in righteousness.
  • To feel the affects of helping strengthen and change lives for the better.
  • To be at peace with my fellow men.
  • To feel clean.

I never dreamed that I could be this happy and healthy and engaged in a good cause with such an incredible companion at this age. Truly, I have been richly blessed, and thanks be to God and all who have made this all possible.


  1. I guess I didn’t realize that your birthday and mine are two days
    apart. Happy Birthday. Isn’t life great–especially when you can
    have a birthday as a missionary. The best time ever.

  2. Happy belated birthday Elder Taylor. People born in September are superstars, in case you did not know that factoid already. All my best for many more. I ditto all your sentiments so eloquently expressed!


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