Someday, I’m Going to Write a Book…

How many times have you said that? An amazing thing about being here in Uganda is that we see things and feel things that most people would not believe if they were written in a book. However, RaNae and I have been undergoing such a dramatic change of attitude and focus, that we’d love to share them. For the sake of our family and friends back home, stuck in the jungle of modern day America, we hope to share insights we are learning that may help.

Bernell had been to every state in the union, most of them several times. He’d seen every major metropolitan city in his 35 years of business. With his wife RaNae, they had visited most of the significant sights in the U.S. They had toured parts of Europe, Canada and Mexico, and their six children had been along for the ride. Bernell took each child on business trips so they too could see the world.

Then, at age 61, Bernell and RaNae left the U.S. to serve 18 months in Uganda as missionaries for their beloved Church. They expected to go help those poor people, but they were introduced to a whole new way of living that re-shaped their view of all things important…forever. They were helped far more than those they served, and they didn’t even know they needed the help.

This is their story of escape from the clutches of modern day America to the jungles of East Africa. Join their journey from the Type A business mentality to a far simpler way of life.

What can we learn from Africa? In a land of poverty, war and AIDS, emerges a loving people of God, peace and simplicity that puts the Western lifestyle to shame. There is still a place where family is strong, God is important, and peace presides. It may not be a geographic location as much as a place in ones soul. Make your own escape into a new life radically apart, under a Mango tree.