Make it Hurt

Make it Hurt

Here’s a powerful thought from our daughter, Laura. She’s a trooper.

“When someone is fearless, when pain isn’t a factor, it’s impossible to break his spirit” – Chuck Liddell.

Why are we so quick to alleviate any level of pain or discomfort. At the first sign of a headache, we pop a pill. As soon as we start panting, we slow down. If it’s too much work, we don’t start. If the commitment is inconvenient, we back out. How about we try pushing through any pain or discomfort that in the end will make us stronger or let us feel life as it’s meant to be in that moment. We live in a day where there are plenty of ways to avoid going the extra mile, putting in the extra effort or allowing the pain to work itself out. How about we decide to feel more, do more, try harder, let life hurt us a little.

The human spirit and body were designed to bear much more pain than what we are willing to tolerate given the choice.

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