B’s Story

B’s Story

My name is B____ of Gulu, Uganda, and this is my story.

After being married to my first husband several years, and having three children, he was killed in northern Uganda due to war. We never knew if it was the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) or Uganda military that killed him, but he was gone and I was alone.

Because of the ongoing war of that time, my parents and eldest brother were burned alive when their mud and grass huts were set afire by the rebels with them locked inside. After that, I had no living family.

After some time, I began staying with a new husband. With him I had two more children, but life was very difficult. This man was not good. He did not know God, and took alcohol very very much. One day he told me he was going to do something that was so big it would be told over the radio. I reported it to the police, but when they interviewed him, he denied it, so they did nothing.

Later, I went to the village to get some food and was gone several days. When I returned, I found that my husband had defiled my two daughters several times. The youngest was then 8 years old. I went to the police, but my husband ran away and I have not seen him since. A charitable organization helped pay for my little girls to be tested and treated for disease. Fortunately, they did not have HIV. After some time and medication, they healed from the abuse.

As I was again alone, I moved around trying to find work to get food and shelter for my children and me. I found nothing for many months. We became destitute. I prayed and prayed, and searched and searched, but still found nothing. I told God I did not want to steal and was willing to work for our food. I asked if He would please help me find work, but still I found nothing. I was behind on my rent four months. I went and told my landlord that I had nothing to pay. I said “You can chase me away if you like, and I will understand.” But he said he did not want to chase me away and would pray that I could find work and pay him something small.

After all this time I was at the end. There was no work. We had no food. There was nobody to support me or help me. I had been four days without eating anything. My children had gone daily to the rubbish pit to pick bits of food from the garbage. That is all they had. I took some seeds, these little black ones, and ground them into a very fine powder to make poison. Then I stirred it into water in a jar and set it high on the shelf. I kneeled down and told God I was at the end and could not go any further. I begged Him for help. I said, “This is our last day on earth. If you will please help me find some work, I will press on. But if not, at the end of this day, I will come home and drink this poison and give it to my children so we will not be in pain any longer.” Then I went to look for work.

That evening, after finding no hope for work, I was coming back to my home and I knew it was my last day alive. I was crying and crying because I did not have any other option. A man stopped me and told me of a woman nearby. He said, “First you go knock on that gate. There is a woman there who might need help.” I knocked the gate and the woman said she had some work for me, but I would have to wait one week while she was away from town. The man I had first talked with told me to hold on a little longer. I went home and threw the bottle of poison in the toilet. Then I prayed to God and begged Him to forgive me for losing hope.

The following week I got work from the woman for some small money. I bought food. I paid for our back rent. We survived. We had oh so little, but we did not die.

I have now been with my current husband for one year. He is a good, God fearing man. We met the missionaries just a few weeks ago, and things have begun to change. We are planning to marry next month. Then we can be baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We will start paying our tithing and honoring the sabbath day. We will live the Gospel. We will be okay. I am so thankful for the missionaries coming to my home and helping me see the true Gospel. I am doing my level best and will continue forever.

I do not want charity. I only want to work hard along with my husband so we can eat and live and learn to grow in this True Church. Even through all the struggles of life, I have faith we will be blessed if we keep trying and never give up. I’m so glad I did not give up on God. He was there all along and now I know it.


  1. Mom and Dad, if you can please pass along this message to B from me:

    I’m 39 years old and have 8 children in my care. I have been through some hard times, but nothing like what you have faced. Your story has so inspired me! I am amazed by your courage and faith to go on when it would have been so easy to have ended it all. I’m so glad to hear your girls have recovered from the abuse they experienced at the hand of their own father. I am in awe at the way you are pressing forward with hope and faith in Christ. I will share your story with my children and family, hoping it will inspire them to persevere when times get hard. Thank you, B, for taking the time to share your story. I will pray for you to be given the added strength you need to continue in your journey with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Through Christ, we can do all things and I’m so glad you’ve found refuge in Him and I hope you continue to feel His love with you to carry you through from day to day. With love, Your sister in Christ, Sarah 🙂

  2. The people you serve in Gulu must be so strong. B sounds like an amazing woman of faith!

  3. I just realized that my missionary has told me about B! I believe he has been teaching her and her family and has also been touched by her strong faith. We also pray for her and her family. More prayers and love from the Roylances in the US. B’s story is a wonderful example of what the light of Christ and His gospel is all about.

    • We love Elder Roylance. We’ve seen him teach and the type of person he is “off screen.” You have every reason to be pleased. Thank you for sending your very best this Holiday Season. He is making a difference in Uganda.

      • Thank you for your sweet message about Elder Roylance. We sure love and miss him. He has such a good heart and loves to serve. I miss his helpfulness at home but I am so grateful that he has chosen to serve and is there in Gulu with such faithful, humble people. Thank you for serving there with him. Merry Christmas again. (It is still Christmas here!)


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