I was sitting with two branch leaders in a nearby town in deep discussion. The branch president had been missing from Church activity for several weeks. He would not answer his phone, and could not be found even when people went looking for him at his home or work. The two leaders in our meeting were very concerned that perhaps the president had abandoned his calling, thus crippling the work in the branch. Our mission president and others had sought him in vain the week previous.

We were meeting to determine how to reconcile the church records regarding donations and use of church funds. We could not see how to move forward in operations. We had reached an impasse without access to this man.

I turned to the first counselor and said: How strong is your faith? 

Very strong, he answered. I asked the same question of the branch clerk, who gave the same answer.

Then we need a miracle right now, I said. We cannot move this work forward without the help of this man. We need to find him today. 

I asked the young branch clerk to offer a prayer, asking God to help us find the president right now. After his wonderful and faithful prayer, I knew we would have success. As we left the church, we told the full time missionaries where we were going. They informed us they had not been able to contact the president for weeks even after many attempts. I asked them to pray for our success. They said they would start praying right away.

The three of us got into the truck, and started the long drive to the branch president’s house. No one talked. I believe we were all doing the same thing – praying earnestly. My prayer was asking God to provide a miracle so that these good brothers and the missionaries could know that He was aware and would answer their prayers. As I prayed, I must have felt a little like Ammon when he showed his power in defending the king’s sheep (Alma 17:29), because my desire was for these men to see faith in action.

Arriving at the president’s home, we found he was not there. We learned that he might be on the road bringing his children from school on his bicycle. We started back for town, praying all the way. As we drove, I suddenly had a surge of joy and said these words in my mind:

Father, I thank Thee for hearing my prayer.

Only seconds after this prayer of thanks, the clerk in the back seat exclaimed, There he is! We stopped and met the fugitive president, along with his two children. In a few moments, he and his kids and bicycle were all in our truck headed back for his home.

After our meeting with the branch president, wherein we got his signature for a much needed document, the three of us were again in the truck headed back toward town. I told them of my certainty that I knew we would be successful that day. The others expressed that they had also had the same faith and confidence. We called the missionaries with the news, who yelled in triumph and joy. It was an emotional moment we shared, and we would each express grateful prayers that night. We had experienced one of the great miracles of faith in action.

It is very difficult to express the emotion that gripped me from our first leap of faith when we offered that prayer for help. It was as if a power came into my veins that surged my faith. As we progressed from one step to another, I had no doubt of the outcome, though my prayers were constant. The discovery of the missing man brought an overwhelming feeling of joy and thanksgiving for a prayer answered.

Experiences like this make me dumb with wonder when the naysayers claim there is no God and no miracles in our day. Not only is there a God in heaven, but He hears and answers our prayers according to our faith. This dramatic experience with faith reinforced this testimony in me, as well as the other men. Prayer works. Faith works. And when combined with obedience with a purpose, nothing can prevent miracles. Of this I know and testify, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


  1. I do believe miracles do happen.
    All if we believe in God. Many happened to me perhaps still happening.
    His name be praised Amen….

  2. Great story. When I was ward mission leader we gave up on making appointments after too many disappointments (No pun intended). We decided to just pray and go and had a lot more success and fruitful encounters.
    I have a story similar to yours about finding something I had lost. Deb and I were hiking in the mountains. Upon reaching the top of the mountain and resting on the shores of this magnificent lake I happened to look at my walking stick and noted that the metal sharp point that had been nailed to the bottom of the stick was missing. It had fallen of on the trail somewhere. I knew that it was still on at the last rest stop a mile back, and knew it would be somewhere in the first mile on the way down. The trail was dirt with a lot of rocks so the chances of finding it were very slim. I felt a strong conviction I would find it and told Deb that I would and I also told her that I would let her know where along the trail we needed to slow down to look for it as I would know when to do that. Since it was down hill we made rapid progress down the trail. At a certain part of the trail I slowed down and told Deb we needed to start looking carefully. I noticed that there was more tall grass on the edges of the trail in this section. I was, however, sure this was the section we would find it. I was actually quite amazed that I actually felt so strongly that I was going to find it. Sure enough after minute or so I found it right in the middle of the trail! The whole trail was covered with rocks of different sizes, and there nestled between the stones was the missing piece. It is a small little thing but it was a testimony to me that the Lord cares for each of us and if it is important to us he loves us enough to show his love and care for us.
    There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Heavenly Father cares for us and loves us. I am so grateful for my testimony of this and say this in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


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