Janet’s Joy

Janet’s Joy

Meet Janet, a member of the Adyel Branch in Lira Uganda. We met Janet while performing an audit of church records in Lira. I noticed that she paid tithing weekly and was very impressed with her apparent faithfulness in the Church. Before leaving town, we stopped to meet her in her thriving shoe shop downtown. Here is her beautiful testimony (as close as we can remember it):

I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints seven years ago. I met the missionaries who began to teach me the restored Gospel. My husband chose not to hear their message.

About this time, my infant son became seriously ill. I was afraid he might even die. The missionaries had taught me about prayer, so I prayed for my baby. I felt an impression to toss him in the air three times, which I did, catching him each time. Then I took him to the hospital for treatment. By the time we got to the hospital, my baby was fully recovered and we were sent back home. This was a first experience with being guided by the Spirit.

Later, the Elders taught me about fasting and prayer and paying my tithes. I fasted and prayed for two days and nights without stopping. At the end of this experience, I had a most curious dream. I saw myself in a shop down town and doing very well. At that time, I did not have a business or had I even thought about owning one. In the dream, as I marveled at the healthy business, a voice came to me which said: “Be sure to pay a full tithe on this business.” Then I woke up.

Some time after my baptism, I started selling shoes along the roadside here in Lira. I paid my tithing every time I got money. The business grew step by step. Within not long, I had enough money to rent this shop I am in. Today, my business does very well. I go to Kampala often for more inventory. When I’m coming back home on the bus, I calculate how much my shoes cost, along with my rent. Then I figure my tithing. I pay my tithing every Sunday. I have been richly blessed by paying my tithing. I have a strong testimony in God’s blessings when we do what He asks. I will be forever grateful for my membership in this true Church, and for impressions and dreams that have saved my son and blessed us so abundantly.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this sweet, beautiful Sister is how she glows. We could see how the Gospel has lighted her from the inside out. We felt a reverence while sitting in her shoe shop and hearing her amazing testimony.

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  1. Isn’t it amazing how much the Lord loves everyone of His children and is waiting for us
    to knock on his door so he can open it and help us?


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