Ducks in a Row

Ducks in a Row

Civil Unrest. The rebellion against dictator Museveni continues. His rigged election has been legally contested by Amama, one of his opponents in the presidential election. The 28-point petition against Museveni freezes him from being sworn in for his next 6 year term. It also invites continued troubles on the streets.

  • Over 10,000 police and their families were evicted from their homes in the barracks because they voted against Museveni (and Museveni controls the police). One young woman affected by the eviction was just speaking with RaNae and saying she feels very unsafe and afraid.
  • Four U.S. military planes landed at Entebbe airport last week. We don’t know if that means troops or supplies or both.
  • There is alot of action in the news with many countries calling on Museveni to either concede to a new and fair election or step down, neither of which he will do. He came to power 30 years ago by blood, and says that is the only way he’ll go out.
  • We’re praying for positive change in this oppressed country by whatever means is best.
  • BTW: We are safe and not a target of violence. Just sideline observers.

Lira: On a recent trip to Lira, where we are helping both branches deal with challenges, we had some great experiences. See Janet’s Joy. What an amazing young woman of faith. We also get a kick out of the wording on signs and menus. Here’s one you’ll enjoy:

For those who want a bath while they watch their weight.

For those who want a bath while they watch their weight.

Visits. While visiting a young family this week, I shot this photo of a toy truck this 9-year-old made from scrap wire, pieces of rubber and a stick. It has a functional tailgate and doors. You push it with the stick while walking behind. I found it an amazing work or art and engineering.


You’ll also be pleased to know that we finally got all our ducks in a row (pictured above) for the first time since before our mission. Do you remember how those ducks scattered once we committed to come? Well, here are three of them, sweltering in the heat (a duck sweats by holding its mouth open).

Testifying of Christ. We had many opportunities to testify this week. We have a goal to testify every day, even if it’s to a stump. We’ve gotten better at making sure we do at every meeting. Doing so has made us more aware of our blessings.

One such meeting was with Kennedy, one of our adopted sons here. We had spent an hour with him discussing his schooling, future mission, and family issues. At the end, I said I needed to testify, so I gave my witness and the Spirit increased in the room. That helped Kennedy open his own mouth and for the next hour, out came the most eloquent and lovely testimony and expressions of love. Tears flooded his face as he testified of all the blessings that have come to him since his baptism last May. You may remember that this is my friend who said he would take my caning after his own beating when we were arrested by the military last month (neither of us was actually beaten, which was a miracle in itself). His love for us and the Lord are extraordinary.

We had another sweet experience when we went with the Elders to teach a recent convert named Lucy who was baptized last week. We were discussing the difference between the Holy Ghost and the Gift of the Holy Ghost. This young mother shared this powerful witness with us.

When I was six years old, I went to visit my grandma in the village. When I arrived, she was not at her hut. I went inside to wait. Suddenly a voice in my mind told me to run away. I really loved my grandma and didn’t want to go, so I stayed. Then the voice told me again to run away. This time I ran from the village. Within minutes, the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army led by Joseph Kony) raided the village and abducted every child. I was the only one who got away because I followed the warning. Even after all these years, only two of those abducted children have ever returned.

We are often guided by the Spirit to do the Lord’s work. Our visit to Kennedy was directed, and resulted in one of the great experiences of our mission. We testify that this is the Lord’s true work. We are just the tools in His hand, as imperfect as we are. We are honored to do all we can to build the Kingdom of God on the earth.

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