Missionary Life

Missionary Life


Some have asked that we put more photos and stories of our missionary experiences here. I’ve hesitated because this mission is not about us, but about Him (Christ). But we also see that sharing the personal side of this work might help someone as well.


This week, we worked in the office during the days, edited video at night, then left Saturday morning for an open house in our branch in Njeru. The photo of us standing on the Equator was taken as we travelled to Masaka to do a branch audit.

open-house treats

The trip to the branch took us 3.5 hours and it was a challenge. The traffic was so crazy that we traveled about a mile in one hour. We were almost two hours late to get set up. Then the projection equipment failed. The temperature in our little make-shift theater must have approached 100 degrees. We were so keyed-up by the end of that day that it felt great to collapse into bed. We stayed with another couple in Jinja so we wouldn’t have to drive back to Kampala in the late hours.

Since Saturday was our 40th anniversary, we wished one another a happy anniversary as we worked through the day. By late that night, we stopped at a Chinese restaurant where we spent literally our last schilling on dinner (we left plenty at home in the safe).

Today Church was much better. RaNae played for sacrament meeting and the lessons were good.


Meet George. He is one of the sharpest I have met. You should see him lead music for sacrament meeting. I have never seen a more engaged conductor. As I watched him, I wondered to myself who in Africa is now being trained to be the first black Apostle. I am confident it will happen one day. These people are so faithful and diligent once they grasp the Gospel.

We would not trade this for anything. It is as if we began a whole new phase of life when we became missionaries. We do miss our family at home at times, and the luxurious American lifestyle we took so much for granted.

I’ll enter a side note here. While at the MTC, I wrote this in my journal during class: This will be your lot for the rest of your lives. While I don’t think that means we’ll serve continual missions, I do believe we’ll be somehow engaged in missionary service or training for the duration. We pray we’ll have the health and strength and opportunities to do so.

Elder & Sister Wallace leave for home this week, so RaNae and I will take the reigns for the office couple until April 23rd when the permanent office couple arrives. Then we anticipate being here another few weeks while they assume the office and we are sent to our next assignment. We know that our mission president will be inspired and that we’ll go where we can do the most good. He said we might be moved around in our mission and to not expect a permanent assignment. Since we love change and adventure, we’re good with that.


  1. Thank you for sharing your stories. Love reading them. You look great. We love and appreciate you and your example.

  2. Aunt RaNae you look beautiful!! I love you. Keeping you guys in my prayers. Thanks for sharing your journey!

    • Thank you, Pauline. We love and pray for you as well. Wish you could experience Africa yourself. It’s amazing.

  3. I’m really enjoying your website, it has given me a ” happy face” for the day. Thank you. What a great way to share your experiences. I’m going to share this website with my friends. I know they will love it.

    • Thank you, Dr. Openshaw. I’m waiting for your photos so I can finish your video clip. Still interested? Please advise.


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