A Boy and His Mama

A Boy and His Mama

Meet Mwesigwa (means Lord is Faithful) and his loving Mother Justine in this moving testimonial of how happiness can be found in the most challenging of circumstances. See how turning to God and Jesus can lessen pain and suffering and increase inner peace. Wonder at Mwesigua’s ability to forgive and be happy even after a painful life of torture and abuse.

Mwesigwa is the gardner here where we live. He is 28 years old and a most gentle and remarkable man. As we got acquainted, I grabbed my video gear and interviewed him. His story is very similar to many if not most Ugandans. He is not a member of our Church, but has a powerful testimony of Jesus and God, and faith like a lion.


Mwesigwa was born into a very violent and abusive home. He left home at age five to live with a relative who continued to neglect and abuse him until he was 16. He met a man in the village who liked him because he could see that Mwesigwa loved Jesus. He took him home to his village of Gangu, where Mwesigwa was received as a new child (no formal adoption). I have two mothers and two fathers, Mwesigwa explains. My second parents taught me what a parent’s love is about (he tears up). They are the best people in the world. My other parents were not good.

Our new friend then asked if we’d like to meet his mother and family in the village. Within a few minutes we three were driving to Gangu, 90 minutes away.


Justine Nabaasa is Mwesigwa’s adoptive mother. She has four children of her own and three “adopted” children they have taken in and raised. She is a most remarkable woman. After serving us fresh-squeezed mango juice, which was delicious, I asked if she knew why we had come. She replied, I don’t know unless God has sent you to me. I told her that indeed He had, and we had a message for her. RaNae and I then told her about the Church, Joseph Smith, the first vision, and the Book of Mormon. It felt so good to testify in her home. We promised her a copy of the Book of Mormon only if she would promise to read about Christ’s visit to the America’s. She said she would.

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The Nabaasa home is filled with the Spirit. There are small plaques that decorate the humble walls about being grateful and enduring trials. They are very devout Christians and were most receptive to our testimony. As we ended in prayer, I asked God to help them see and understand the beautiful truths we had shared. I’m satisfied there is not a more spiritual home to be found.



As we left, we embraced each family member and they walked us to the car, begging us to come again.

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As we drove down the dusty red rutted road through the village, RaNae commented that this was the best day of our mission. She said how she has no desire to see the sights or go on safari. She just wants to testify and share her love with the most humble and lovable people on earth. I could not agree more.

There are people like Mwesigwa and his family that are eagerly looking for truth and already living Gospel principles in their home. They are examples to us of what real Christians are. There was a Spirit and power of majesty in that home that swallowed us whole.

Mwesigwa – Lord is Faithful indeed.

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Mwesigwa was baptized on Saturday, 11 April 2015 by Elder Kim Loren Squire. Kim and his wife Nancy were among the first to befriend him when he became the gardner at our apartment complex. They later moved away to Jinja, but drove into Kampala for the baptism, which was Elder Squire’s first convert baptism. It was a rainy but beautiful day.

We have since traveled with the young missionaries to teach Mwesigwa’s adopted mama in the village. She is presently reading the Book of Mormon and wants to know more. Today, RaNae and I call him son, and he calls us papa and mama.

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  1. Is’nt testifying the most wonderful blessing!!!!!!! We could not wait to go out and teach. God bless you with this family and all your efforts.


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