I don’t expect people to follow me, but here’s where I’m marching for the next 130 days. As I age, I’ve become educated and earnest about my health. RaNae and I want to celebrate our 80th wedding anniversary together and in good health. RaNae has always been health conscious, but I’ve often struggled with my weight. Lately I’ve determined to march my way back to where I want to be. The purpose of this blog is not an ego trip. I already know what I can do and have done it many times before. But I would love to share with anyone with health or weight challenges to consider this as an alternative to crash diets, pills, or magic dust.

A march is a set duration of time, during which I will strictly abide by some pretty strict orders, as follows:

  1. Rokit Fuel Breakfast shake every day (not yet on the market).
  2. Rokit Fuel cereal or Rokit Fuel NutriBites (not yet on the market) for lunch.
  3. Healthy, plant-based dinner. No meat, dairy or eggs.
  4. No snacks or desserts.
  5. Cardio exercise 6 days per week, resting on Sunday.

Each day I’ll score myself on how completely I achieved these five daily goals. I will march for 130 days, ending on July 19, 2016, when we leave Uganda to return home to Utah.

My objective is not weight loss, but better quality of health and fitness so I can live long, serve well, and give all I’ve got to building the Kingdom of God on the earth.

I will photograph everything I eat for just one week so you can see what goes down the ol’ pie hole. I’ll weigh myself every week.

Starting Weight 188

Day 1 - March 10

Day 1 – March 10

Day 2 - March 11

Day 2 – March 11

Day 3 - March 12

Day 3 – March 12

Day 4 - March 13

Day 4 – March 13

Day 5 - March 14

Day 5 – March 14

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  1. You are an amazing human being.


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