The Wheelchair

The Wheelchair


  1. Thank you. Beautiful. Tears are flowing.

  2. Elder and Sister Taylor,
    Thank you for sharing that beautiful story. We have a member who was baptized about two years ago. Her left leg was amputated and she was put in an old folks home. (she is just 49.) Her wheel chair was old and very dangerous. She had fallen more than once from it. About a month ago, she received a new, fitted-to-her wheelchair from the church. Two weeks ago, she went to the temple for the first time. Fiji is different from Uganda in many ways, but there is constancy in the way members and non-members are blessed through God’s restored church.

  3. Wonderful to live as a Mormon. Relief from afflictions, restoring hopes for hopeless and above all, resting assured of celestial ticket. My God grant Musa(Now Moses) all his wishes for his life as he continues to be among the happiest faces on earth. Amen, Elder Kennedy.

  4. We hope we can meet this amazing young man and we hope his dream of serving a mission will come true. Thank you so much for your wonderful site and the beautiful stories you share. They make our waiting even harder, but only three months to go!

    • You are going to love this incredible ride. This mission is not for wussies, but it is worth everything it takes to serve. Send an email and give details and we’ll try to help your mission as good as possible. We go home in July.

  5. I GOT TO SEE THE VIDEO ON youtube. Thanks for the link. Even before I was the logo on
    the back of the chair I thought, “This chair looks like a rough rider wheelchair from the church.”
    And sure enough!!

    Wheelchair projects are such amazing projects. It was great to be a part of them but we never
    did get to see them actually given away after the training seminars. We did meet one lady
    in Georgia who had one of our chairs. We also got to wheel around in these types of chairs on
    gravel roads in Georgia and see how they work.

    The church is amazing how they help people. These rough rider chairs are made especially for
    countries where the roads are not paved and are rough. They are easily fixed, usually with
    bicycle wheels, and very available parts. The patient is taught how to do this.

    We helped try and start a wheel chair project in Russia but we had to use locally made chairs
    that didn’t meet the church’s specs entirely because we could not ship chairs into the country from
    outside. That really hurt. There were two projects completed after we came home and I understand from the couple we know involved in one of the projects that it didn’t go so well as expected. I seriously doubt they have continued to do them in Russia but the projects are
    alive and well in Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, and especially Turkey where the church places about
    1200 chairs a year at no cost to people.

    Thanks for the video. Brought back great memories


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