Thanksgiving Kit

Thanksgiving Kit

As my gift to you this season, I offer the following Thanksgiving Kit for use with your family:

First, here is a game to determine between necessities and luxuries. Print off the front for each member of your family, and keep the second page for the answers.

Next, here are two emails I received in the past month from a dear friend in Uganda. This one is for your teens and adults to hear. It may not be appropriate for younger children since it discusses violence in South Sudan.

Finally, here are four framable 8″ x 10″ mini posters to remind you and your family to be grateful for your every blessing.





Please accept my very best wishes for a grateful Thanksgiving, and a wonderful Holiday Season with your family.

Bernell Taylor


  1. You can never get enough of what you don’t need!

  2. we kindly thank you for that love and expression..

  3. Thank you Bernell! Appreciate all you do.

  4. We are truly blessed! Thank you for the beautiful reminders.


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