Humble Pie

Humble Pie

Blogs and posts are most often a platform from which one can exhibit pride or success to one degree or another. Today’s blog will be no such thing. Over the past week I have had an especially large helping of humble pie. I will also refrain from giving details of the sudden rush of health challenges that have come my way, since doing so can be a form of bragging. I feel no need to brag since it would achieve no good end. Rather, I’ll list a dozen things for which I feel deep gratitude today. Those who have found themselves in similar circumstances can relate. Those who have not, won’t really get it even if I spelled it out. Some things you just need to experience before you can comprehend the wonderful contrasts between trials and blessings.

On this glorious morning I am grateful…

  1. For a real, good night’s sleep.
  2. To stand and shower myself and allow RaNae to finish dressing me.
  3. For a good bowel movement after surgery and reach my backside when using the toilet.
  4. For a mind that is starting to function again.
  5. To laugh or cough without pain.
  6. To sit at the kitchen table for breakfast and view the stunning winter scene outside.
  7. To hold RaNae’s hand and weep and pray and express our thanks for all He has given us.
  8. For our family and friends who have stood by us through challenging times.
  9. To truly know what it means to thank God for the gift of life, because it is, and to see the sun another day, because we can.
  10. For medical professionals who have chosen their field because they love people more than money.
  11. For an unassuming doctor who consistently discovers health issues before they become critical.
  12. For the privilege of being here on earth to try my best to bless those in need, with real humility and no guile.


  1. Love your attitude of gratitude which greatly contributes to a speedy recovery 💞
    Lord bless you dear friends

    • Oh my goodness, we of course did not know you had serious health problems. We’re sorry for what you went through but sooooo happy for the closeness you feel with our Heavenly Father and Savior!! Thank you for your testimony. You will continue to be blessed with your sweet companion!! It was a pleasure to know you both! We wish you all the happiness in 2017 and beyond!!
      Dave and Terri
      p.s. When did you get home from Uganda?

  2. So sorry for your health problems, but we can relate to your thankful hearts. Faith is trust. Much love. The Casperson’s

  3. prayers for a speedy recovery. Love you guys!

  4. Sorry for your trial, but so glad to see you are doing better. Thanks for sharing your feelings of gratitude to a loving Heavenly Father.

  5. You look good in lavender, your personal choice?
    I’ve tried everyone’s number to no avail. Please call me.

  6. I am so glad to especially hear about it when u are getting better.We love u and miss u in Uganda.Thanks for being an inspiration always.

  7. Happy to see that you are recovering and blessed by gratitude. Don’t know what was your problem, but if you need certain temporary supplies like a cane, wheelchair, walker, home health services advice, etc. call us.

  8. OOOOH, my dear strong again..we love you


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