Into Africa

Into Africa

We arrived in Uganda late last night, January 27, 2015. We were met by President and Sister Chatfield (on the left), Elder & Sister Wallace (right), and our driver Godfrey. The drive from the airport was memorable because they use English-style cars and drive on the left side of the road. The view is from our patio balcony.

1-27-15 airport

Security is a very big deal because there is a lot of robbing. Our apartment has a guard 24/7. It is protected by a high wall with razor wire across the top. We must honk or knock to gain entrance.

1-27-15 apt security 1-27-15 apt locks 1-27-15 apt living

The barred windows and many locks let you know not to leave things open or unsecured, but the people we met on our morning walk (worth a whole entry of its own) were very friendly.

We were told that our apartment is one of the nicest places in Kampala. Given the huts and shanties we saw on our morning walk support that claim. We are comfortable and very well cared-for. There is no air conditioning, but this place is most comfortable.

1-27-15 apt dine1-27-15 apt office

RaNae and I have our own desk area to work.

1-27-15 apt master

Our bedroom features a king size bed. Notice the mosquito netting for draping the bed. If we keep the doors and windows secure, we can sleep without the net and a fan keeps the air moving.

1-27-15 apt mango

From our balcony, we can lean over and pick this mango when it ripens. There are tons of fruits, grains, seeds and vegetables here. The stores are handy and there is plenty of quality food if you wash it carefully. Since we’re vegan, we don’t need to worry about the meat issue. Meat and all other foods are hung outside and there is no refrigeration in the open market. There are grocery stores with chilled and frozen goods.

1-27-15 pani puri breakfast

The morning after our arrival, one of our senior couple neighbors, the Chabras, brought us Pani Puri, an Indian breakfast. You chip off one side of the little shells, add potatoes and two different savory sauces, and pop it in your mouth. Amazing! It was delicious and we felt loved and cared for.

1-30-15 queen

We’re so very excited to be here! As we went on a morning walk today with three other couples, we were stunned at the poverty, the rutted dirt roads, burning garbage along the roadside, tiny huts made of tin or block or bamboo – and beautiful, smiling black people everywhere. As we greeted them, we were rewarded with a stunning white smile and kind words. This is going to be a great experience.


  1. It’s so thrilling to hear that you’ve arrived! Thanks for being so on top of it and sharing these amazing pictures and stories! And to think we were just with you 10 days ago. It’s still hard to believe you’re half way across the world in a completely new setting now! You’ve got nice quarters to stay in. Is it hot and muggy?

    Love you both!

  2. Yay! I’m so happy to hear you made it safe. It makes my heart warm to see pictures of you. Your apartment looks very, very nice. Sri Lankan’s drive on the “wrong” side of the road too and don’t have street laws. It really helped me appreciate the traffic laws and order we have on our roads here. Do you know how long you will be in Kampala then? I am so proud of you both! What a noble adventure! Love so much, Lisa

  3. Holy smokers! I can’t believe you guys are there. I was awake at 3 a.m. for a long time thinking about you guys… wondering if you were out lost somewhere on some rural dirt road surrounded by hungry lions and wildabeasts. Glad you guys are there safe and loving the new faces and places. Soooo cool!!!

  4. Wow! What an amazing start to this grand adventure in the service of the Lord! I’m so thankful you’re taking the time to share details. SJ looked over my shoulder this morning before heading out for school and we both enjoyed your pictures along with the narrative. We look forward to supporting you any way we can and learning more about the joys of the journey.


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