The Open Market

The Open Market

We went shopping in an open-air market today. While the environment was very foreign to us, we loved it. There are so many fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds and grains available here that I wonder if maybe this is where Eden was and not the U.S. The size and scope of all that was offered was overwhelming.

1-29-15 shopping1

Uganda is sometimes called the crucible of contradiction, and this photo of RaNae in the open market is a perfect example of that term. 1-29-15 shopping7 1-29-15 shopping6 1-29-15 shopping3 1-29-15 shopping21-29-15 shopping9Tonight we had fresh tomato sandwiches and fresh mango. Delicious! I can’t say much for the open-air meat market, however. All the meat was fresh-killed and hanging from poles. The pile of tripe (cow guts) was anything but appetizing. There were live chickens to buy, but we don’t eat meat so the temptation soon passed.

1-29-15 shopping8The white vans you see here are part of their mass transit system (like city busses in the U.S.). The motorcycle you see to the left is a bodaboda, which is their taxi system. We learned today that there are an estimated 300,000 such motorcycles in Kampala alone. The traffic is absolutely unbelievable, as evidenced by the smashed up van in this picture. One young man was traveling to the mission home to leave for his mission. He was in a van like this one when it rolled in traffic and two people were killed. The company was trying to take him to the hospital to be checked out, but he said he was on his way to serve the Lord and couldn’t be late. He caught another van and made it to the mission home in time to leave for the MTC.

We were again impressed with how loving and happy these people are. There is about 70% unemployment in Uganda and many of those who have jobs are paid a pittance. Full time guards at homes, for example, earn about $60 dollars (U.S.) per month. Others eek out their living by buying produce from the farmer and stacking it in the open-air market to make a small profit. The number of smiling faces doing this was astounding.

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