Silent Sermon

Silent Sermon

Last summer I learned that an interview can last 90 days. It taught me the most powerful lesson of my life. Today I heard the best sermon never spoken. I’m amazed at how the Spirit can teach us if we are ready to hear with our heart. Here’s how today’s sermon was not preached:

RaNae and I dearly love President and Sister Chatfield. They put in crazy hours traveling, teaching, counseling and serving. They are truly remarkable people. It is not humanly possible to do all that they do every day. For example, they returned from a week-long multi-country trip today at 3:00 AM, took a few hours rest, and were here at the office before 9. So, we decided to get them some lunch. When we walked in the door with the food, President was in a day-long meeting with his Assistants planning transfers, and Sister Chatfield was meeting with a secretary about the mission history. So we left the sacks on his desk and went back to work. That is when the sermon didn’t begin.

I was doing busy work, feeling a little frustrated that we couldn’t get the President and his wife to take time for a much needed break. They just had to be exhausted and we wanted to treat them. Here are President’s words that he did not speak:

Elder Taylor, I appreciate this very much. Thank you. But I can’t stop working right now. So I’ll take this food, divide it with my Assistants, and keep on working. I can rest later. We’ll be okay.

After these thoughts came, I could see the Savior dividing the loaves and fishes and I felt ashamed. I realized that my priesthood leader was so busy serving that he could not take time to eat. So he shared what little he had and kept right on working. What a remarkable Christ-like example. It hit me with great force and emotion spilled out. My esteem of him raised another notch.

Sermons can take many forms. The best lessons of life are seldom learned in a classroom. We can be taught and tutored by very few words, or in this case, no words at all. I pray that we’ll learn as we go and see with spiritual eyes and understand with holy hearts.

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