MTC Day 1

19 January 2015 – DAY 1

We’ve arrived safe and happy. Lisa and Kyle dropped us off after taking us out for breakfast to Cracker Barrel.  Mom was so excited to finally get to wear the name of Jesus Christ on her nametag. We said a teary goodbye and walked into the MTC for a great experience.  There are about 50 couples here today, many of whom have served multiple missions. We are in a district of three couples; E&S Tanner from California are going to Fiji, E&S Goo from Hawaii are going to New York (Chinese). It was fun to get to know them a little and share some tears. Testimonies were instant and we bonded quickly since we have all worked hard to be here.

There are so many people here who have been in missionary service for years, some of whom we knew when we served here before.  While we were in orientation, this thought came to me: This will be your lot for the rest of your lives. I believe that refers to us being involved in missionary work in some fashion for many years, and that is an exciting thought.

I went on a barefoot run up around the temple while Mom took a break. We’re in our nice room now (much better than the young missionaries get) and will soon go to dinner. Thanks to each of you for your love and support. Our farewell Sunday was so sweet, and our love for you all is deep and forever.

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