Thursday Jan 22nd

Today is Thursday and we just returned from doing Sealings with our district. It was a very good experience and we have grown to love one another already. Tomorrow is our last day of training. One of our district couples leaves on Saturday, we leave on Monday, and the last couple leaves on Wednesday.  Mom and I will spend the weekend doing laundry and such (Saturday is P-day) and enjoying church here on Sunday.  We meet at the travel office to depart on at 8:30 Monday morning.  Our flight from SLC leaves at 2:22 in the afternoon. Our itinerary shows that we will not be able to lay down and rest for about 36 hours. Yippee!

This has been a great experience. We have practiced and testified and wept. Mom and I laugh at how many times we practice teaching each other and we suddenly both burst into tears. We’ve discovered that the Spirit doesn’t care whether you are role playing or actually teaching a real investigator – He’ll come either way because you are teaching truth.  Today we taught a woman in the TRC (training resource center) where members come prepared to play the part of non-members. At the end of the lesson, we learned that Linda and Elmon Clemet really are not members. We taught her and had a great experience. It wasn’t until we ended our lesson that we discovered she is actually investigating the Church. Fortunately, we had done a good job and we felt a great bond with her. I gave her a card and asked her to email us so we can share our mission with her.

The attached painting is a depiction of Christ after being resurrected. It is the most moving I have ever seen. I snapped a photo of it. I’ll get the artist’s name. Hope you enjoy it.

Hope you all are well. We pray for each of you all the time. Today at the temple, I added each your names to the prayer roll including grandkids, because this was the last time we’d be in a temple for awhile.  Please know of our love for you all and for Jesus Christ and His gospel. We have loved this experience and look forward to sharing more experiences with you as we circumnavigate the globe to our mission next week.

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