Bright Horizons

Bright Horizons

I watch the sun peak from behind these ancient hills and think of all good fortunes that have been and those to come.

I reflect on my human ailments and wonder what might have been undone.

When my eyes reach the sky, and my thoughts turn to heaven, my heart is happy and my hope is high.

If my gaze droops to the rocks and foul beasts, all hope is lost and new beginnings forgone.

If I am honest with myself I can admit past failures and even acknowledge future defeats. But my hope rests in Christ, my truest tendency is to rely on Him while also owning my destiny through the power of a single choice.

In a moment, I can choose to be like Him. I can choose to act.

Life moves swiftly, leaving only small spaces for regret and fear for the traveler who will keep her gaze above the horizon.

The crippling crux of comparison can bring even the most honorable servant to despondency and guile.

The liberating light of love can lift the willing soul to higher places, to better beginnings.

No morsel or lucre is required to justify the expression of true freedom.

Through Christ, all light is absorbed and then given freely to all who will bare heart and soul to His healing.

No scar or blemish can remain, for though before like scarlet, whitest wool she can obtain.

By anonymous. Photo by Robbie Peterson.

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