Potato Prompting

Potato Prompting

Today we visited Ayella Denis at his orphanage about 15 miles from Gulu. Although we have been very careful not to give gifts to the people, today we felt differently. We both felt impressed to take Denis some potatoes. We went to the open market and bought about 200 pounds of spuds and a sack of onions, then drove to the orphanage. When we arrived, we showed our gift to Denis (pictured left) who was very grateful. He told us that this morning his kids had eaten the last of their beans before going to school, and that they had no food to feed them when they returned. Our potatoes were an answer to his prayer. That humbled us as we realized that we were directed. This is unique because we have never given material gifts on our mission other than missionary literature and a meal here and there. But this morning we felt compelled to help. We’re so glad we did.

Denis just called tonight at 9 PM to tell us the kids were eating a late supper of potatoes. He told us the kids had never tasted a potato before and that they were most thankful. Wow. Can you imagine never tasting a potato? He told us they don’t buy them because they are too expensive. We offered another prayer of gratitude for our bounteous blessings.

Love you all. Now eat your spuds!

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