Where to Hide Your Children

One thing that has become abundantly clear to us, is that there is no place on earth to hide from the powers of Satan and his followers, except within the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Where Was Eden?

To me, this is the most Eden-like place on earth, with crystal clear spring water, deep fertile soil, mild temperatures, and anything can grow here.

Love is Blind

In so many ways we want to be just like our friends here; happy, grateful, content, prayerful, and purely humble.

Look at Them!

In a world of selfies and Facebook posts, where the number of friends, likes and shares we can gather is the measure of our personal worth, we have seen something very, very different here in Uganda. It makes us pause and say, rather than look at me, look at them!

Happiness Documentary

We can find it if we pursue the path that leads to it, even when that path goes through valleys of sorrow and trial.

Visit by Family

It was such a delight on January 6th to welcome my brother LaRon for a visit.

African Safari

This week we participated in a real African safari by boat and by land.

B’s Story

…at the end of this day, I will come home and drink this poison and give it to my children so we will not be in pain any longer.

Ugandan Diet

Many if not most adults eat just one meal a day, and that meal consists of posho and beans, eaten by hand.

Break Dance!

http://happiestfacesonearth.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Break-Dance.mp4 Your opinion of the impoverished, war-torn country of Uganda is about to change. See what young adults are doing to celebrate life instead of mourn the past. Come on, let’s dance!...

Love, Marriage and Bride Price

We must not prevent these people from following Christ and being married in the church, just because of an African tradition.

An African Family

We should not prevent these people from following Christ and being married because of an African tradition.

The Man From Bor

Meet Peter and his amazing son Jacob from Bor, South Sudan. Hear his heartbreaking story of being driven with his family from their home and farm, leaving everything behind as they fled for their lives.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin

If ever Africa shall show an elevated and cultivated race…life will awake there with a gorgeousness and splendor of which our cold western tribes faintly have conceived.

Chobe Safari

Northern Uganda is a remarkably beautiful place, and it was fun to get out with the young missionaries for a preparation day of fun.

Don’t Worry. Be Happy.

My train of logical thinking was finally jolted from its tracks last night, sending it jouncing and jangling down the rutted roads of Gulu…all because of watching men play board games.

Joseph Kony

Here in northern Uganda, there is a man whose horrific fame has reached around the world. He is among the most barbarous monsters ever to have lived…

Tribal Burial

Get up close and personal with the joy of these wonderful people and enjoy their unique and beautiful culture.

Into the Jungle

This was the first time since our arrival in Uganda we felt like we were deep into Africa.