A Last Gasp

To our dear Ugandan friends, whom we expect not to see again until we meet at Jesus’ feet, we send our warmest love and heartfelt thanks. God be with you, ’til we meet again.

What’s Next?

At some point, we ask a question which we may have never considered in all our lives. What’s next?

Ducks in a Row

You’ll also be pleased to know that we finally got all our ducks in a row


Prayer works. Faith works. And when combined with obedience with a purpose, nothing can prevent miracles.


This week is elections here in Uganda. It is one of the most predictably violent times of the year…

A Merry Gulu Christmas


Celestial Fusion

Some of that guidance was more like a push than a nudge. That is where I determined that a testimony is like celestial fusion.

Christmas Week

For now, I am filled with great emotion and gratitude that we can be here right now, doing what we are doing, and loving these wonderful people.

Hump Day

What if we hadn’t come? What would our life be like on this Monday if we had stayed at home?

A Gulu Week

Every night this week we have collapsed into bed and slept like a rock.

The Gulu Truck

As his truck accelerated, it began to leap from one hole to the next, shooting huge sprays of mud and water up over the hood and in all directions. It resembled a dolphin in a mud bog.


There comes a point on your mission that you find yourself suspended in the abyss amid the sea life and you realize you are experiencing an eye-popping stupefying adventure that can never be duplicated nor adequately described.

Crucible of Compassion

There’s something about washing and treating feet that is so deeply personal to both the giver and the receiver. It pushed us once again into the crucible of compassion, and it was good for the soul.

One Week

We don’t want this website to be a diatribe of meaningless dribble, but just for fun we want to take you on a tour of the past week of our mission.

True to the Faith

As we shared our thoughts, it occurred to me that there are two general ways that returning missionaries fall away from the Church…

Super Trooper

This woman who has been constantly at my side for over 40 years has been the greatest blessing of my life.

Dig It

Serving others without expecting thanks or reciprocation is a key to a balanced life and supports happiness.

Missionary Life

I’ve hesitated because this mission is not about us, but about Him (Christ). But we also see that sharing the personal side of this work might help someone as well.

Into Africa

We’re so very excited to be here! This is going to be a great experience.

Catch Me Now

Thanks to all our family for your kindness and support.