Never Coming Home

We left our mission exactly 10 months ago today, yet we have never actually come home.

Humble Pie

Some things you just need to experience before you can comprehend the wonderful contrasts between trials and blessings.

Thanksgiving Kit

As my gift to you this season, I offer the following Thanksgiving Kit for use with your family.

Family Photo

Today I am impressed more than ever how the origin, religion, position or background of any person has disappeared like smoke in the wind.

Our Gift for You

For you, our friends who have followed our mission, and benefited in any way from our experiences, we have created a keepsake 92-page digital book. You can download it FREE here.

Pure & Simple

If we do not interfere, I firmly believe the Church in Africa will become the strongest center of faith and righteousness on earth.

But Mom…

To help your kids and teens get things in perspective, here are some free downloads you can print to decorate your walls.

Human Beans

We’re all just beans in the same pot, trying to become something good.

The Happiness Triangle

It is here where one experiences a kind of inner nirvana of pure joy and peace.

Janet’s Joy

A voice came to me which said: “Be sure to pay a full tithe on this business.” Then I woke up.

Thoughts on Health

It is not my intent to boast in any way. Rather, I hope to express my great love for God and His marvelous plan for our happiness. This is not me, it’s Him.

Regulation in the Church

I’m so thankful to belong to a Church that has policies and procedures that everyone is expected to abide by.

Make it Hurt

The human spirit and body were designed to bear much more pain than what we are willing to tolerate given the choice.

The Avatar Life

He permitted his lust for pixels on a screen or dots on a page to replace his lovely, breathing, touchable wife.

Wilfred & Eunice

Baptizing a family like this is a very rare occurrence.


Make your own escape into a new life radically apart, under a Mango tree.

Laws of Relativity

Jon said to himself:

Are you kidding me? You are upset about the amount of foam on your coffee? Do you know where I’ve been and what I’ve seen? And this is a big deal?

Bright Horizons

I watch the sun peak from behind these ancient hills and think of all good fortunes that have been and those to come.

I reflect on my human ailments and wonder what might have been undone.

The Heart of Happiness

God grant us the ability to root our hearts in His love… because it is only through His love any of us will turn darkness into Light.