$52 Burial

Today at 1:00 PM a man was found dead in his hut in a nearby village. By 8:00 PM his grave was filled in and the burial was over.

Something Small

However, in recognition of the foregoing, the family has resolved in principle, to offer you a token of…

Being 62

As I said my prayers this morning, I was expressing thanks for many things. It turned into a deep feeling of gratitude for my life situation.

Peter’s Quest

Come join us here for another photo adventure! We can’t believe they call this kind of fun missionary work.

War Between Good and Evil

And now, my son, I dwell no longer upon this horrible scene. Behold, thou knowest the wickedness of this people; thou knowest that they are without principle, and past feeling. Moroni 9:20

Letter from Grandpa T

If you could come here for just a few weeks, you could see how lying, stealing and immorality have crippled Africa.

The Boogie Man Cometh

“They’re coming to get you and beat you! You must hide! Turn off all the lights. Hurry! I love you, dear Brother”

Gulu Adventures

Their teeth may be rotten, their clothes may be rags, they may be as skinny as skeletons, but they are delighted to be alive.

First Few Days in Gulu

What an emotional roller coaster. This is a land of extremes, and you must choose what to focus on.

Dear 5th Ward

If there is any way our ward could sponsor one or more couples who are in good health but may not have the resources to serve in Africa, that would be a humanitarian effort well worth pursuing.


We are so grateful for this opportunity to serve in this part of the world. It is an honor.

Arrival in Uganda

Africa is ready to ignite, although it is dampened by traditions that hamper success.

Friday Jan 23rd

“It doesn’t matter whether a person is a non-member, an inactive member, or a general authority. We can help lift anyone and we can be taught by anyone”

Thursday Jan 22nd

We’ve discovered that the Spirit doesn’t care whether you are role playing or actually teaching a real investigator – He’ll come either way because you are teaching truth.

MTC Day 1

While we were in orientation, this thought came to me: This will be your lot for the rest of your lives.